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The brief was simple. Ten days to cast, shoot, edit and premiere a five minute film, to be shot on location in New York City, with non-union actors, using a mini-DV camera, five crew and $2,200 in cash. Oh, and it had to include a car.

Taking these constraints, Paul Cotter decided on one main thing. "I didn't want that car to move. It's hard enough making a film anyway. The last thing I wanted was to try and get moving shots of the car with minimal resources like that."

This led to the development of LAST HAND STANDING, a simple story that fables the development of love between two people. "I was interested in the initial trajectory of love. When two people meet, it is rarely love at first sight. One person discovers the feeling first, and over time has to persuade the spots/other that their emotions are genuine and to be trusted. Only then can the spots/other person even think about coming on board for the ride."

After two days of preparation, shooting took place over three days in Astoria, Queens. A further three days after wrapping the picture was locked and the film premiered at the Director's Guild of America in New York City, ten days after the process began.

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